Non-Toxic Ingredients

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Non-toxic + Recycled + Renewable

Madder Root before extraction.

Namaste away from chemicals.

All of our ingredients are sourced with intention. We only offer non-toxic, recycled, and organic fibers and we continue to research new innovative materials.

Weld Flowers

Weld is a sweet and potent dyestuff that creates a lightfast, bright yellow color on a garment.

The history of Weld's use in textiles dates back to the Vestal Virgins in Roman times.



Madder Root

Madder is the Queen of Dyes - the sole vegetative true red. It is capable of an impressive number of hues.

The history of Madder is filled with fascinating stories of intrigue and mystery.


Carrot Tops

Carrot top dye is made from discarded food-waste. It represents an accessible resource for dye and yields a wide variety of color across greens and blues.




Pomegranate Rinds

Pomegranate is high in tannin and can be combined with iron to make grey tones, which are rare in the natural dye world.

It is one of the oldest fruits in cultivation and its rind has been used as dye for millennia.


Certified Organic Cotton

Our organic cotton is 100% GMO-free and is grown without the use of synthetic agricultural chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides.


Hemp Blend

Hemp fiber is fast-growing, requires very little water, is naturally pest-resistant, and produces more fiber yield per acre than any other virgin resource.

Recycled Plastic

Recycling plastic decreases our dependence on oil as a raw material resource. Recycling also curbs the amount of trash being dumped, thereby prolonging landfills.

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